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Technology leader driven to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Professional Experience

December 2011 - Present


Senior Software Engineer

Doing insanely great things.

October 2011 - December 2011



Responsible for the design and implementation of a multi-datacenter Hadoop environment intended to support the analysis of large amounts of unstructured data along with ETL processing.

October 2005 - October 2011

Sears Holdings Corporation

Chief Architect / Technology Consultant

Built a Hadoop cluster in a broad effort to store and process massive amounts of data that had previously been scattered across the company and otherwise unavailable for meaningful realtime and near-realtime analytics. Drove the internal development of agile map/reduce programming practices and led a team to quickly deliver powerful and cost-effective big data results using Hadoop and Ruby.

As chief architect, designed and built a private cloud spanning multiple datacenters based on open source software including Linux and Xen. The initial focus of the cloud and the early production rollout was centered around virtual desktops with clients in a variety of locations around the country and world. The second target was large-scale server virtualization featuring self-service in a leading-edge endeavor.

Designed and implemented an automated build process for Red Hat and CentOS Linux servers that allowed for quick deployment and large-scale system rollouts. This effort supported mass migrations from proprietary UNIX systems such as Solaris, AIX, and HP/UX as well as large-scale horizontally spread internet applications.

As part of the Sears Holdings Corporation insourcing back from CSC, responsible for the migration of Solaris servers from CSC data centers to SHC data centers.

Supported a UNIX environment composed of over 300 Solaris servers and 200 Linux servers located across the country. Accomplished this with the aid of tools and processes that had been designed and developed previously while an employee of Sears (see further below).

1997 - 2011

oopdreams software, inc.

Founder, President, Chief Engineer

Founded a handheld software development company that has produced over 10 titles for the Palm OS, Windows CE, and iPhone platforms. Over the years, the individual client base has grown to be over 100 thousand users, the install base due to licensing has grown to be at least 10 million devices, and the software has won countless awards.

Built all company backend applications using open source software such as Linux, PostgreSQL, and Ruby. Built the company web presence and all supporting applications using FreeBSD, MySQL, Apache, and PHP.

Formed licensing partnerships with the two major industry vendors, Microsoft and Palm. For a period of over five years, all Microsoft-based handhelds and smartphones shipped with an oopdreams application built into the ROM. A boxed retail version of one product shipped nationwide under a partnership with Casio Soft.

June 2004 - October 2005

Computer Sciences Corporation

UNIX Technical Architect and Senior UNIX Systems Administrator

As part of the Sears outsourcing to CSC, responsible for planning the migration of Solaris servers from Sears/IBM data centers to CSC data centers. Along with planning, performed the vast majority of the UNIX work and data migration for the first wave of servers.

Supported a UNIX environment composed of over 150 AIX servers located across the country.

Designed the technical architecture for new UNIX-based projects and oversaw the server build-out until the projects went live.

June 1997 - June 2004

Sears, Roebuck, and Co.

Senior UNIX Systems Engineer

Supported a UNIX environment composed of over 100 Solaris servers across all business units. As the senior engineer, responsible for designing, creating, and supporting all tools used to accomplish this.

Finalist for annual Chairman's Award for Innovation for the creation of a suite of web-based applications that perform systems availability and performance monitoring, page/alert notification and logging, system capacity planning, patch checking, security vulnerability logging, and team document management. The applications were built with purely free software including Apache, Nagios, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ruby, and Python.

Created a robust mechanism for the build, update, and synchronization of software packages across all servers that were supported. This allowed for a standardized environment across the enterprise. Over 40 required software packages, including gcc, perl, rsync, and sudo, were installed by this method.

Along with the operating system, supported the company intranet environment which utilized both Apache and Netscape web server software to provide over 250 sites.

June 1996 - June 1997

System Software Associates

UNIX Systems Engineer

Supported a heterogeneous UNIX environment composed of over 200 AIX, HP/UX, DEC Unix servers dedicated to software development and testing.

As a hardware remediation project, replaced the existing DNS & NIS environments with servers running the FreeBSD operating system and replaced aging X terminals with FreeBSD workstations.


The University of Chicago

B.A., Economics (1996, graduated with honors)

Source Code

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Interesting Notes

As an undergrad, served as teaching assistant for the now famous internet and free software scholar Larry Lessig in his University of Chicago Law School's class devoted to technology and the internet.

Created and released version 1.0 of the AfterStep UNIX window manager, one of the first graphical environments to actually feature ease-of-use and a pleasant appearance.

Wrote a utility that was published by O'Reilly Media in the book Python Cookbook, 1st Edition.